The Jeju Olle – A Walking Vacation in Jeju Island


For the global traveler looking for a unique destination, the olle walking paths on Jeju Island are highly appealing. These are 200km of connecting paths that’ll take travelers all along the south coast of Jeju Island. The Jeju Olle, which were inspired by the famous Pilgrim’s Trail in Spain, was created from the hidden, forgotten routes of Jeju Island, which cars cannot access. The route will take you to forests, mountains, beaches, and remote places and offer unrivalled views over Jeju’s unique, dramatic, volcanic landscape.

With so many activities on offer in Jeju, it is difficult to express which can be best, however the Jeju Olle walking paths must rank highly. By the conclusion of 2008, some 30,000 visitors have been to the paths, including several celebrities in Korea. They give the chance to experience life at a slower pace and really are a total escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 제주호스트빠 A lot of the paths are away from urbanized areas, and walkers are totally surrounded by nature and the tranquility. A number of the areas are almost untouched, since that is the very first time some paths have been open to the public.

The paths are connected, so you can start your walk from where you finished the previous day. The route is divided into twelve sections, that will take you through along forests, beaches, and villages, where you could meet the warmhearted local people. We’ve provided an introduction to the paths, so you can choose which sections are suitable to you, or you can have a twelve-day trip and do all them. Walking the Jeju olle paths will refresh you, inspire you, and leave memories you’ll never forget.

In the area Jeju dialect “Olle” was originally used to make reference to the narrow path between the road and one’s doorstep. Previously, the word was quite commonly used, as children would often say, “let’s meet at the olle” ;.However, later this word came into existence used more widely across Korea and the word stumbled on mean the series of coastal walking paths in Jeju Island. The olle walking paths of Jeju start at the east point of the island and wind their way along the coast all how you can the island’s southwest point. The charms of the olle walking paths are their proximity to nature and the picturesque mix of the blue ocean, dark green forests, and the charming local villages.

The first of those walking paths opened in September 2007. By March 2009, some 13 walking paths had been completed, 12 main paths and one “alpha” path. The walking paths collectively stretch to a length of approximately 216km. The olle are paths that allow us naturally over the years. They’ve been connected to each other using minimal human intervention. With respect to the pace of the patient or group, each route will take roughly 4-6 hours. Walking along these small paths that take you through the mountains and along the coast is the better way to have the unique, startling beauty of Jeju Island.

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