What Do You Need to Know About POCT?

One technology that is gaining popularity in the medical field is point-of-care testing. A POCT company Wondfo has developed a high-tech point-of-care testing system that allows quick knowledge of the test results. This article will discuss what POCT is and the advantages of this type of testing.

What is POCT?

Point-of-care testing refers to any diagnostic test performed in a clinical setting. This includes tests such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels, which are usually done by a doctor or nurse during routine check-ups.

Point-of-care testing (or bedside testing) is defined as a medical diagnostic test performed at or near the point of care (ie, at the time and place of patient care). This is in stark contrast to the historical model of testing that was completely or mostly limited to medical labs, where samples had to be sent from the point of care and then waited hours or days for results.

Advantages of POCT

Instant detection is quick and easy. Most tests can be done in minutes, which is convenient for patients.

Point-of-care testing is affordable. Many tests are available at a very low cost, making them a good option for patients who need medical care but don’t have much money.

Instant detection is accurate. Most tests are designed to be as accurate as possible, which means they provide reliable results that can be used for diagnosis.

Real-time detection is reliable. Most tests are performed by qualified professionals who can perform tests accurately and safely.


POCT is a growing trend that has many advantages over traditional medical tests. It is typically faster and more accurate, making them ideal for use in areas where time is of the essence or where there are limited resources. Furthermore, POCT can be used to screen for disease early on, before symptoms have developed. If you want to know more about POCT, please contact Wondfo.

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